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If you want to start your new business or if you wish to expand the existing one, it is advisable that you should apply for a small business loan as quickly as possible. It is vital that small businesses are not eligible for this type of fund and it is important that you have to be cautious before you apply for this type of fund. If you have to ensure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria successfully and if your business maintains good reputation, it is vital that you should improve your scope to get it in the best possible way. This article will highlight on a few essential tips that you should follow in order to apply for this type of fund to the best of your abilities.

The first thing that you should follow is to obtain one copy of credit report of your business and that you have to ensure that it is an accurate one. All you have to do is to acquire one copy of this kind of report from the popular credit reporting organization as quickly as possible. There are several lenders who wish to read this kind of report before they start to review loan applications without any kind of delay.

Once you manage to get this kind of report, the next step that you should follow is to get the financial statements of the last three years as quickly as possible. The financial statements include the income statement, balance sheet and other relevant details in the best possible way. Plus, you should be able to show the current financial statement of the last three months. You may also have to produce other relevant documents such as balance sheet, income statement and so on. You should also be able to provide the details of your business plan as much as you can.

The next step that you should follow is to write down an executive summary as quickly as possible. It is vital that this kind of summary should have all the relevant information such as the background of the business, its brief description, the exact time within which you want to repay this type of fund and so on.

You should also prepare an appropriate loan proposal along with relevant details such as the exact amount of loan that you want to borrow and the exact purpose that you want to borrow and so on. Once you are able to prepare this kind of proposal, the next step that you should follow is to prepare an effective statement for loan repayment as fast as you can. It is vital that it should include all the relevant details such as the way you wish to repay this type of fund, the exact time within which you want to repay it and so on.

The final step that you should follow is to submit this type of application and to provide the relevant documents to the appropriate lender within the scheduled period of time. It is vital that you should wait for a certain period of time before this type of application has been sanctioned by the concerned authority.

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How might you have reacted and responded if you had been in this situation?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is watching her Son endure such agony on the cross.

Nearby is John, the beloved disciple, and Jesus places Mary into his care.

To love like Jesus Christ, we must care for our family.

Mary is a widow and around 48 years old. This was Mary’s firstborn, hanging on the tree, naked. No artist has dared to portray the shame of the cross, publicly.

John was present at the cross. The other disciples have vanished.

Was John there at terrific risk to himself? We know John was well known to the high priestly family in Jerusalem.

Two, who truly loved Jesus, are present at the foot of the cross, and close to the cross.

From the cross we see that to love like Jesus, we must learn to be sensitive to other people’s pain, even when we are in pain.

Another lesson flowing from Calvary is that we must seek to meet other people’s needs, even though our needs are not being met – at work – at home – in society.

Jesus does not say, “My pain is too great. I cannot help you just now.”

It is being said in our current culture, that the more important man thinks he is the less willing man becomes to care for others.

When Jesus reveals His willingness to care in these most challengingly arduous circumstances, will the risen living Jesus not care for His disciples even more, in their hour and hours of need?

Mary and John would have missed this generous compassion and gracious blessing, if they had not remained close to Jesus at the foot of the cross.

Relationships within the fellowship of the Holy Spirit are thicker than water or blood, as many a lonely believer has proved down through the centuries.

If I may be able to help you in any way regarding the crucial and vital area do contact me through the excellent facilities afforded by the website. I will seek to answer any question you may raise regarding this matter, and if I do not know the answer I will say so.

There are so many who are totally unaware of the importance of the local Church and the local Fellowship and as a result they miss so much. Be committed to your local Church and to you local Fellowship.

Read and study the book of Acts and the New Testament letters and seek to understand how vitally important the local Church was, and of course, is.

Do not allow sin to rob you of the joy of belonging. We need others around us, and others need us!

Jesus Christ came to build His Church and Jesus Christ came so that people in His Church might have life to the full and life abundant. He came to forgive our sin and sins and then to place us in the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the family of God the Father.

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As a Christian business owner do you have people constantly expecting you to give away your services for free? Do people give you a sob story about why they can’t pay and expect you to give them a break? Do they call you a passive aggressive Christian hypocrite if you send out a late payment reminder? It can be hard balancing wanting to help people and not giving away your services for free. Remember, as a business owner you are in business to make a profit. You must protect your personal and business credit score.

Most business owners, service providers, and professionals have business expenses, as well as living expenses to include a mortgage, utilities, and possibly student loans. Creditors want to be paid. Creditors will charge a late fee if you don’t pay them on time. They may possibly report you to a credit bureau and this can adversely affect your credit score. So, how do you balance helping others and being a Christian business owner? My tips below will help you to operate as a business owner while honoring your Christian values.

1. Contracts – Use very detailed contracts. Do not trust handshake deals or word of mouth agreements. Put the agreement or terms of service in writing. Be very specific on due dates, amounts owed, late fees, etc. This includes barter contracts. Do not be afraid or intimidated to not hold the other party accountable for honoring their part of the contract.

2. Invoicing Procedures – Establish procedures and follow them. If you do not want to deal with this task then out source it to a Virtual Assistant or bookkeeper. This includes sending out late payment reminders. I recommend you work with a collection agent so that when needed the agency can go after the late payer. Using a collection agent will save you headaches and heartaches. Plus, you know they are following the law and you won’t get in trouble for accidentally violating a debt collection law or rule.

3. Choose your words carefully – I have learned when someone asks me if I can help or they say “so and so said you can help me” and I reply “yes, I can help” they are expecting the service for free. I have had to learn to respond with something that states this is a business service that I provide. Also, I have found when someone asks if they can skip a payment at holiday time I have a script ready to address that late fees will be assessed. Again, this task of communicating with individuals may be best left to your gatekeeper or a Customer Care Manager. Listen very carefully to what is being said by the person asking for your services. I also do not recommend giving away free strategy sessions. When you charge a small fee for an introductory session and charge for missed appointments you will eliminate the tire kickers and snatchers and grabbers. Watch out for the people that hit you up on social media via Messenger pretending to be your friend and then immediately they want free advice or services.

4. Know How Much You Can Give Away or Discount – Set clear boundaries. I don’t mind helping people. But it does get old helping the same people over and over again. You have to know your walk away point. Watch the person on social media. If they are out having fun while you sit home eating ramen noodles don’t get mad. Use it as a lesson. You just let that person skip a payment so they could have fun. The person does not respect or value you and your services. I recommend you know how many scholarships you are going to be able to give away each year and when you have exhausted that amount you know you cannot help anyone else for free. Also, know what discount you will give friends and family.

5. Know Your Value – Do not forget that you provide a valuable service. Just because someone else does not see the value does not mean you have none. Do not let the snatchers and grabbers wear you down. Learn to identify who is not your ideal client and learn to identify where they lurk and then go find a new fishing pond.

Those that are attempting to steal your products, intellectual property, and services will always have something negative to say when you ask for payment. In our digital age they will be as bold as to post nasty comments on social media platforms blasting you and your Christian values. They will probably “unfriend” you too. Remember, do not open a door that God as has closed. Count your blessings you were unfriended and saw the person show his/her true colors.

Don’t be made to feel guilty or shamed into giving away your products or services for free. The funny thing is these people would not work for free or give away their products or service for free, so they should not expect you to do it either. Everyone won’t love you. Rejection is God’s protection.

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When you were little, your introduction to the world of personal finance management most likely came about in the form of a gift from your parents: a pouch, perhaps a small canister, or any container where you could deposit loose change – any money that you mean to save up for use in the future instead of the present. By learning the fundamental practice of setting money aside now so that you can have something to spend later, you are able to develop a mindset that does not hanker to spend every last riyal that ends up in your hands; what you gain, instead, is a culture of responsibly ensuring that you have the financial resources for any need that may arise by preparing for such instances and making wise use of the money that you do spend.

This is the same when applying for credit cards as a means of having another source of funds to spend. Most of the time, having credit cards are often associated to financial loss but with the right ways of handling it, you will be able to see how helpful it will be. Below are some tips and tricks you must know if have a credit card:

Check For Annual Fees

Most companies charge a certain amount of annual fee on the cards. However, very few people know that they can easily get rid of such fee, especially if they have a good credit score. For this case, all you need to do is to pick up the phone, call your bank and request for the fee to be removed. Tell them that you are going to dump the card if they don’t remove the fee.

Universal Rules

Say for example, if you are late in making the repayment of one of your cards, you will be charged with a much higher rate of interest on your other cards. So, one of the most important credit card tips for you is to make the payment on or before the due date. This is considered to be part of their universal default rules which is a disadvantage to the subscriber if he has no idea of this.

Try Waiving The Late Fees

If you have never been late before paying your balance and fees, you can call up the credit card company to have them waive the late fees for you. Some representatives may refuse this request but it doesn’t harm to just call them and try. You may call another time and you might just be lucky with the next representative.

Stashing cash away among your possessions is certainly not an option in this day and age. If you want to have total convenience and security with your finances, as well as a smart management strategy, then turning to reliable banking institutions for their products is the best thing to do.

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Shopping for a new car does not have to become and overwhelming experience. Use the four tips to get the most out of your experience.

1. Know what you are looking for.

Start by asking yourself why you are buying a car. This may seem like a no brainier, but truly think about what you use your vehicle for currently, and what you may use it for in the future. Do you travel long distances frequently? Do you plan on starting your own business in the near future? Do you plan on starting a family? Doing more outdoor activities? By considering what you will be using your automobile for in the next couple years, you can make a selection that includes features best suited to fit your lifestyle. It’s important to avoid buying a vehicle solely because you like the style if it does not also meet your current or future needs.

2. Do your research.

Once you have decided which car you like, read reviews and do some research on the value. It is important that you know what you should pay for the vehicle you are looking at. What does a good price look like for both the new and used model? Most importantly, what is the average price other buyers have paid for the same vehicle? This will allow you to spot a good deal when you see it and avoid being overcharged when visiting car dealers.

3. Contact your local car dealers before you visit.

Check out your local dealerships’ website, or call them to find out what their inventory contains. Narrow your list of dealers to visit to those that carry the model you are looking for. Then, find out which car dealers have the best price on the automobile you want. You can ask over the phone, or send an email asking what their best price is. Let them know you are intent on buying and that you are doing some comparison-shopping between dealerships. They all want your business, so by making them compete you can potentially lower the price. Also, find out if they are running any specials, and read the customer reviews of the dealership.

4. Know how to get the best deal.

There is always room to negotiate on the price of the car, the interest rate, and on the monthly payments. Make sure that you know your credit score before you buy, that way the car dealers cannot tell you that your credit score does not qualify you for a lower rate. You can also consider getting financed by a bank or another lender, rather than taking the in-house financing from the dealership. Find out if you can get pre-approved for an auto loan from an outside lender, and what the interest rate would be. That way, if a dealer offers an interest rate of say, 7%, but the bank offers 5%, you could save thousands over time by going with your outside financing. You can also use this as a tool to drive down interest rate before accepting the in-house financing.

If you utilize this approach, your experience when looking for a new ride will be much more pleasurable.